Tuesday, January 29, 2008

One single cigarette may be addictive

Be warned against just trying it out because as little as one cigarette may be sufficient to get you hooked on nicotine. For all those who might have thought this danger to be low - me included, I must admit, before I have come across this study on diminished autonomy over tobacco - it is high time to learn that 25 to 30 percent of all young people, after having lit up once, feel some troubles not to light up a second and third time. With as little as one cigarette every one or two months, the addiction rate is as high as 46 percent!

Addiction, or loss of autonomy, has been defined in this study as a feeling of unpleasantness or difficulty towards quitting. And the data base is sufficient for a strong conclusion: More than ninety thousand young students aged fourteen and fifteen have been interviewed in New Zealand.

In retrospect, I consider myself a very, very lucky guy. I have been smoking a few but heavy cigarettes daily, about two decades ago, but not for longer than several weeks until I felt an unpleasant tightness and weakness in my lungs. Caused me to stop from one day to another. I am the exception to the rule. Don't follow me. Period.

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